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Gaming Computers

Many gamers like to build their own systems... however, there is a better solution. 

CPU Hack

Virus Removal

We are successful at removing viruses when your software can't. Learn the secret. 

Remote Services

We have developed our own proprietary system for remotely removing viruses and analyzing your system.

Data Recovery

We have specialised software for locating and restoring data. Backups are your first line of defence.

Quantum Computing

Custom Computers

We build our computers to last and back it up with the best warranty in the business.   

Get 5 Free Reports - $27 Value

Learn how to solve the 5 top computer problems we get asked about all of the time!

Niagara Electronics - Reports

Common Questions & Answers

Q. What is the difference between a computer virus and malware.

Q. How do I detect a virus?

Q.. What do I do if I suspect that my device has a virus.

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Phishing Sites & Emails
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