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New Hacking Risk From Intel

CPU Hack

Intel CPU Bug Gives Hackers Access To All Your DevicesGoogle announced a newly discovered security vulnerability which was first only thought to be linked to most computers. However, under further investigation this bug is actually a threat to smartphones and tablets as well putting us all at risk.Reports began circulating Wednesday about this mysterious hardware […]

Android Stagefright Vulnerabitily

Android’s Stagefright VulnerabilityAs I am sure most of you are aware, mobile has surpassed computers when it comes to search and overall usage as related to accessing the Internet.  With that however, comes the focus of hackers looking to exploit the devices we use.Hackers or now moving their focus of creating malware that targets your […]

Mobile Friendly Required

 If Your Website Is Mobile Friendly Google Will Reward You In There Search Results.Back in late 2014, Google said it was experimenting with giving sites that have earned its new mobile-friendly label some type of special treatment within its ranking algorithm.Since Google already penalizes sites that provide a bad experience to mobile searchers this was […]