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Mac Attacks On The Rise

According to McAfee malware has increased by 53% in the first quarter of this year. Mac computers in the opinion of most users are immune to many of the virus malware infections and adware that Windows owners experience.However, not all is well in Mac land. Fruitfly Spyware​The spyware, known as Fruitfly, was first discovered in […]

Phishing Sites & Emails

Phishing Fraud: Websites & Emails Can Steal Your Money & Personal InformationWhat is Phishing?Phishing is an email scam designed for identity theft. The most successful phishing emails are typically disguised to look like they come from a known or reputable source. These emails usually contain attachments or download links to malicious software, such as keystroke loggers, […]

Quantum Computers D-Wave

Quantum Computing

D-Wave… A Quantum Leap In ComputingAs we approach 2016 the evolution of computers has taken on a whole new look in the form of Quantum Computing from a company called D-Wave based out of Burnaby. BC.D-Wave is a marriage of digital computing and quantum physics which is going to take our computing experience to a whole […]

Hackers Invading Our Homes

Hackers In Our Homes MIDDLESEX CENTRE, Ont. — A southwestern Ontario family had a creepy encounter with a camera monitoring their young child when it suddenly began playing music and a voice said they were being watched.It happened a little after nine in the evening on July 7 to a young family in Middlesex Centre, […]

Windows 10 Update

Windows 10 Update

Update To Windows 10 For Free Microsoft has apparently gone back to the drawing board to bring us their newest operating system Windows 10.  The skip from version 8 to 10 was a marketing strategy to create a real separation in users minds between the 2 versions.It’s been 6 years since the launch of Windows […]

Future Shop Closes Niagara Falls

Future Shop Closes In Niagara Falls Dozens of Future Shop stores have been closed across Canada including the one here in Niagara Falls.Best Buy the parent company said it was shutting down 66 Future Shop stores effective immediately. Meanwhile, another 65 stores will be closed for a week while they are converted to Best Buy […]

Mobile Friendly Required

 If Your Website Is Mobile Friendly Google Will Reward You In There Search Results.Back in late 2014, Google said it was experimenting with giving sites that have earned its new mobile-friendly label some type of special treatment within its ranking algorithm.Since Google already penalizes sites that provide a bad experience to mobile searchers this was […]

Cryptolocker Virus – Update

The U.S. Department Of Justice Claims To Have Interrupted The “Cryptlocker Ransomeware VirusAccording to Replacement Chief law officer Cole…”This investigation resulted in disrupting an international botnet that had swiped millions from businesses and customers as well as an intricate ransomware plan that covertly encrypted hard disk drives and afterwards required payments for providing customers accessibility […]

Thousands Of cPanel Web Sites Are At High Risk!

Website Security Risk!Just a quick note here, sort of a public service announcement. If your site is on a host that uses cPanel, you could be wide open to this security bug. If you don’t know, check. This affects a lot of sites, and I hope yours isn’t one of them. I’ve heard that a […]