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Computational Thinking For Your Child

With the school year about to begin it is time to consider some facts about what your child is going to learn moving forward.  Technology and the growing use of computers and APPS in our lives makes it imperative that our children learn at least the basics of computers science.   Understanding what algorithms are […]

Top Password Management Systems

Take Control Of Your Passwords… Today!!!Web merchants and so called secure websites are often times not doing a very good job of keeping your personal information safe. This is also true for sites using decent security protocols may have been compromised by the recently discovered Heartbleed bug. If the crooks nabbed your password, you’re in […]

Password Security

Did YOU Know? 90% Of Passwords Are Vulnerable To Hacking If nothing else, “Heartbleed” which is a security bug in the open-source OpenSSL cryptography library taught us all a lesson about web security… it is not always reliable even when we are told it is.For that reason, we must all pay attentions to the most important […]