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3 Year Warranty On All

Custom Built  Computers. We Buuld them To Last!

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Niagara Electronics computers are all hand built using the best commercial grade components.  We build them to last and offer an industry leading 3 year next business day replacement warranty.  Our "no questions asked warranty" is given provided there is no physical damage to the failed component from abuse... such as being dropped or liquid spills.

Many clients ask us,” why build your own, when you can get a ‘deal’ on a name brand system”? Our answer is simple. We want to make our customers happy by providing a dependable and long lasting system. We have over 20,000 satisfied customers in our database and we are entering new clients every single day... simply because we care about what we do and we do it well.

Niagara Electronics builds systems that provide 6-8+ years of reliable service because they are designed to last. Many name brand systems tend to last 2-4 years.... sometimes even less

If you value the information you have on your device, then why risk it with a system that is built to fail soon... the choice is yours to make.