The U.S. Department Of Justice Claims To Have Interrupted
The "Cryptlocker Ransomeware Virus

According to Replacement Chief law officer Cole..."This investigation resulted in disrupting an international botnet that had swiped millions from businesses and customers as well as an intricate ransomware plan that covertly encrypted hard disk drives and afterwards required payments for providing customers accessibility to their own documents and data.

"We prospered in disabling Gameover Zeus and Cryptolocker just since we mixed impressive legal and technical methods with conventional police devices and established strong functioning partnerships with exclusive industry specialists and law enforcement counterparts in more than 10 countries worldwide.".


However, with the success of this type of Trojan Virus it would be prudent to protect your system by doing a couple things.

First of all do regular backups. Call us at Niagara Electronics if you have any questions on how to protect against this type of infection.