Future Shop Closes In Niagara Falls

Dozens of Future Shop stores have been closed across Canada including the one here in Niagara Falls.

Best Buy the parent company said it was shutting down 66 Future Shop stores effective immediately. Meanwhile, another 65 stores will be closed for a week while they are converted to Best Buy stores.

Customers Get No Warning

Future Shops closer came without warning and adds to the job loses happening here in Niagara.  Right on the heels of the Targets closer you can't help but wonder who is next.

With on line shopping and low profit margins in this industry, it won't be surprising if even the parent company Best Buy closes altogether as well since they have shut a number of their flagship stores in other countries.

Best Buy will honour Future Shop gift cards at any location across the country. Existing product orders, service appointments and warranties will continue to be honoured, and Future Shop purchases can be returned or exchanged at any Best Buy location according to Best Buy's top brass.

Being in business for over 30 years we have seen many come and go, but we still feel bad to see another business close even if it is our competition. For those Future Shop customers who are in need of advice or repairs to their equipment and don't want to make the trip to St Catharines Best Buy... come by or give us a call and we will do our very best to help resolve any issues you may have.