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We Build The Best... Includes 3 Year Next Business Day Warranty (Parts & Labour)


  • Manufactured:  While you can purchase from low to high-end gaming computers from companies such as Alienware, you often pay for things you don't need.  Warranties are usually only (1) year and if you want it extended you will probably pay through the nose.  Getting support is sometimes an issue along with some pretty hefty costs if you need repairs out of warranty.
  • Build Your Own:  Building a computer from scratch isn't for everyone, even though it can, at first glance, look like a much cheaper alternative to either buying from a manufacturer or having it custom built. The process of building your own can be long and stressful if you don't know what you are doing. This is especially true if you run into component compatibility issues which happens all the time because of poor advice from others.  In the end, the so called cheaper alternative can turn into a money pit that may require professional intervention blowing your budget right out the window.
    Warranty is only offered on a component basis and if you can't diagnose a problem then you may pay to ship back something only to find there was nothing wrong with the part you suspected to be faulty..
  • Custom Built Niagara Computers:   A Niagara Electronics specialist will help you to understand what your getting and the difference. This way you can make the best decision with all the choices that are out there. With thousands of components to pick from... it can be overwhelming. Many times customers are simply stuck in a buzzword crossfire and simply just compare specs for dollars. When one ram company is adding metal heat shields and giving you super specs, for the same price as regular ram, it can be tempting to take that chance and get the super specked ram. Many times this leads to system stability issues and warranty exchanges.

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