Hackers In Our Homes

MIDDLESEX CENTRE, Ont. -- A southwestern Ontario family had a creepy encounter with a camera monitoring their young child when it suddenly began playing music and a voice said they were being watched.

It happened a little after nine in the evening on July 7 to a young family in Middlesex Centre, a rural area north of London, Ont., according to Ontario Provincial Police Const. Liz Melvin.

​I reported to you earlier about the dangers of hackers exploiting your webcam and communication portals on your computer... however, this problem is spreading to other devices in our homes.  Even more disturbing are the recent hacks of baby monitors.  

Read some of the articles being posted online.  

​Hacker Invasion 

That fantasy is becoming a reality. New technology allows practically everything in your home -- from your door locks to your thermostat to your TV -- to be controlled by an Internet-connected device like a smartphone. Unsurprisingly, many of those cutting-edge devices are filled with holes that cyber attackers can exploit.

 ​Always do a web search for any new device you purchase for your home that has smart technologies built in, to see if any vulnerabilities exist.  As technology moves forward, hackers will continue to look for ways to exploit these new devices.

This is especially true with devices having camera, video or voice integration built into the device.