Mac Attacks On The Rise


According to McAfee malware has increased by 53% in the first quarter of this year. Mac computers in the opinion of most users are immune to many of the virus malware infections and adware that Windows owners experience.

However, not all is well in Mac land.

Fruitfly Spyware​

The spyware, known as Fruitfly, was first discovered in January 2017, but Patrick Wardle of Synack, discovered a more cunning variant last month that has made significant inroads on Mac devices .

Along with being able to track the victims’ names and locations, the spyware reportedly gives the hacker control over webcams, mice, microphones, keyboards, and notifies hackers any time the computer is in use. A problem that has normally been associated with computers run on Microsofts OS.

As with what happened with Miss Teen USA, hackers are able to take non-consensual photos, capture screenshots, track keystrokes, and record audio.

Malwarebytes has warned of a new malware attack targeted specifically at Macs. The denial-of-service attack hijacks Safari and Apple’s Mail app to keep drafting emails until the Mac eventually runs out of RAM and crashes.

The malware will keep drafting emails (but does not actually send them) incrementally and covering the previous open windows. This is not a spam attempt but rather a typical denial-of-service attack.

Hackers will likely uncover newer vulnerabilities and become more aggressive towards Mac devices, which means Mac users can no longer afford to think that their device doesn’t need strong security software and support from managed services providers.

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