Did YOU Know?
 90% Of Passwords Are Vulnerable To Hacking

If nothing else, "Heartbleed" which is a security bug in the open-source OpenSSL cryptography library taught us all a lesson about web security... it is not always reliable even when we are told it is.

For that reason, we must all pay attentions to the most important vulnerability we have... OUR PASSWORDS!

Teaching all family members about using secure passwords is extremely important in today's linked social environment. From locking your devices to logins for online banking, there are things that you must know to prevent your personal and credit information from falling into the wrong hands.

In January 2013, Deloitte analysts estimated that 90% of all passwords are simple enough to be hacked in seconds.


Below is a list of resources for learning all about passwords and cyber security.

It is not the complexity of the password that is important... it is the length.

One problem we all have when creating passwords is to remember them or in the storing of them so they are protected from hackers.

Because passwords need to be much longer than most can remember we recommend the use of security password software.

LastPass and Roborform are the 2 we highly recommend for not only storing long passwords, but in the creation of them as well.

So don't leave yourself open to hackers or cyber criminals.  You can get a free version of either of these products which can be upgraded very inexpensively to sync to all of your devices.