Quantum Computing

D-Wave... A Quantum Leap In Computing

As we approach 2016 the evolution of computers has taken on a whole new look in the form of Quantum Computing from a company called D-Wave based out of Burnaby. BC.

D-Wave is a marriage of digital computing and quantum physics which is going to take our computing experience to a whole new level.  Although we are still a long ways from having something this powerful in our home systems.... the involvement of Google, NASA and others with D-Wave may indicate that cloud computing for the masses may offer power that was once unthinkable not too far down the road.

Quantum Computation

Rather than store information as 0s or 1s as conventional computers do, a quantum computer uses qubits – which can be a 1 or a 0 or both at the same time. This “quantum superposition”, along with the quantum effects of entanglement and quantum tunneling, enable quantum computers to consider and manipulate all combinations of bits simultaneously, making quantum computation powerful and fast.

Complex Super Conductor​

As the only manufacturer of scalable quantum processors, D-Wave breaks new ground with every succeeding generation it develops.  Processing at temperatures of almost absolute zero, their processor performance is measured in "Qbits" rather than the standard bits for regular processors.

This type of technology will definitely increase the evolution of machine artificial intelligence.  Something to be excited about or feared... not sure which.​

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