Remote Virus Removal & Computer Repair

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Your competent and reassuring manner along with your expert techniques brought my computer back from the brink of digital death. Words can't express how grateful and happy I am with the results.
I found it amazing that Niagara Electronics in Ontario Canada could fix my computer in such a remote part of Mississippi using our slow satellite Internet service.   I love that old it's working better than it ever has. Anyone who may have a virus or computer problem will do themselves a favor by contacting you at Niagara Electronics before they do anything else.  Thanks again! Dorothy

Dorothy Allen
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From virus removal to system repairs... we have a solutions for you.
  • Removal of Virus
  • Remove Malware Infections
  • Remove Browser Hijackers
  • Restore Internet Connection
  • Install Anti Virus Software
  • Remote Connection Set-up
  • Data Recovery
  • Data Backup
  • Freeware Removal
  • Full System Tuneup

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$​95 /plus tax


Disclaimer:  Niagara Electronics has developed a state of the art proprietary system not offered any where else in the world for removing malware and repairing computers remotely.  However, there are certain viruses that can encrypt your computer files preventing anyone from making repairs without the encryption code being removed. Hackers will ask for you to pay a ransom to get access to your files.

Note: Our remote systems all feature SSL security encryption to protect your data at all times.

Secondly, if you have made attempts to fix your computer on your own... you may have caused enough damage to the systems operating files that only a complete reformatting of your computer hard drive and a fresh install of your operating system will be the only course of action for putting your computer back into service.  We are the best at what we do... however we do not claim to be magicians.

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* Computer Fails To Boot

* Constant Pop-ups

* Error Messages

* Printer Won't Work

* Networking Problems

* Operating System Errors

* Computer Running Slow

* Can't Access Internet