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Spire Systems Inc. creates business management software for small and mid-sized companies, enabling them to streamline operations, gain better insight and maximize their business potential. An integrated accounting and inventory management solution to improve efficiency and maximize profitability.

Accounts Payable

The Accounts Payable module gives you control over the payables process to help manage cash flow requirements, maintain vendor relationships, track payables and reduce administrative costs.

Accounts Receivable

The Spire Accounts Receivable module will simplify the invoice and payment collection process to minimize overdue credit. Set up alerts to identify and track potential problem accounts.

Account Reconciliation

With the Account Reconciliation module, you can easily monitor all transactions and adjustments, while reconciling bank statement items with the General Ledger.

General Ledger

The General Ledger module includes features to track and report on business performance. Get quick access to critical financial data with filters and make informed decisions to manage your business more effectively.

More Great Features

Our software gives businesses the flexibility and scalability to differentiate from the competition. Designed to automate business processes and optimize inventory control, our solution will help cut costs, improve margins and meet customer demand. Spire gives you a competitive advantage by providing the business tools you need to make better decisions and increase profitability.

Bill of Materials

For kitted or manufactured items, the Bill of Material module will define which components are used and how many of each are required for a finished product.

Price Matrix

The robust Price Matrix module provides a comprehensive custom pricing feature that allows for multiple pricing variations based on specific criteria.

Purchase History

The Purchase History module will save you time by enabling you to quickly access previous purchase orders and find the information you need with custom filters and searches.

Sales Orders

The Sales Order module allows for greater flexibility and control over the order entry process. Users can access customer information from the order entry screen, including shipping information, history, open orders, account balance and credit status.

Job Costing

The Job Costing module is fully integrated with other modules so that revenue and expenses are posted to a specific job to compare with estimates and calculate profit.


A versatile tool to create notes, alerts and lists. Use the Communication module to set up reminders and lists to prioritize tasks.

Purchase Orders

Manage all aspects of your purchase orders with the Purchase Order module. Automatically generate new purchase orders from shortages and requisitions or easily create a new one by copying an existing order.


The Vendor module will store all of your vendor data and provides quick access to purchase history, vendor balance, aging and credit information.


The Inventory module allow users to accurately store and maintain detailed records of inventory items. Get real time data and gain tighter inventory control with robust features that help optimize inventory levels.


The Multi-Currency module makes it easy to manage multiple currencies. Foreign currency is automatically converted to the base currency for each transaction with currency gains/losses tracked in the General Ledger.


The Requisition module automates the purchase request and approval process to eliminate manual entry and costly mistakes.

Point of Sale

Manage all of your sales transactions from a single interface with the Point of Sale module. Features include quick processing and support for multiple payment methods.

Point of Sale

Manage all of your sales transactions from a single interface with the Point of Sale module. Features include quick processing and support for multiple payment methods.

Sales History

Make better business decisions with the Sales History module. Get up-to-date information by creating custom reports using filters and searches.

Spire Add-ons

Extend the core functionality of Spire and make it easier to grow
your business.
Electronic Funds Transfer

The Spire Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) add-on provides a faster method to pay vendors and receive payments from customers, while increasing payment security and reducing processing costs.


Canadian businesses can now simplify their payroll processing with automatic calculation of provincial and federal deductions. Designed with an intuitive interface, the Spire Payroll add-on allows you to easily view employee earnings, benefits, deductions and taxes from one screen.

Production Manager

The Production Manager add-on lets you control inventory with pinpoint accuracy, reduce unplanned expenses and improve cash flow. Efficiently plan production from beginning to end and track progress with real-time information on raw materials, costs and production status.

Service Manager

The Service Manager add-on will help improve customer satisfaction and increase the efficiency of your service business. This add-on gives you quick access to all service records, making it easy to track the service history of each piece of equipment your customer owns.

User Defined Fields

User Defined Fields allows you to add custom fields so that you can capture specialized information. Custom fields can be added to different modules throughout Spire and can be set as text, numeric, date, dropdown lists or checkboxes.

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