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Web merchants and so called secure websites are often times not doing a very good job of keeping your personal information safe. This is also true for sites using decent security protocols may have been compromised by the recently discovered Heartbleed bug. If the crooks nabbed your password, you're in trouble. But if you used that same password for other sites, then you're really in trouble. You need to use a completely different strong password on every site, and the only effective and practical way to do that is with a password manager.

If you aren't using some type of password manager... you need to start today. If you are, then now is the time to change all your passwords and take note of those still vulnerable to the Hearbleed bug. Cost isn't an issue: some of the best don't cost a cent.

Companies such as RoboForm and LastPass provide a platform that requires only one complex password to access your secure websites, credit card information and even documents that you keep inside an encrypted database. Depending on the platform, the database could be stored locally, on the company's servers or even in Dropbox.

A number of password managers use browser extensions that keep your data in a local profile then syncing to a cloud server. Because the data file is encrypted and transferred through a secure connection, you can be reasonably assured that your data is safe.

Yet other password managers keep your data on a thumb drive you carry around from computer to computer. With this method you always know where your data is... as long as you don't lose or or mistakenly leave it in a device and walk away.

Some products are free and charge for a mobile premium while others are subscription-based or charge single flat fee. One product, Dashlane, rewards you when you use its service by awarding points you can use to earn discounts on future purchases.

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In the future passwords may become a thing of the past...watch the video below...