Virus Removal – Flat Fee Only $115

Did you know…  Some of the most sophisticated viruses have been found to include programs that can actually delete other malicious files that might cause your virus scanning software to send up red flags.  Many others are able to sleep during a virus scan or shut down the scanning system… making it useless.As cyber-criminals continue to step up their game, it’s become more and more likely that you may not even notice your computer has a virus.  Keeping this in mind, you shouldn’t always assume that you are not infected simply because your system runs smoothly.


Why Choose Niagara Electronics If You Suspect Your Computer Is Infected

Many types of sophisticated malware will not allow you to start some of the computer system utilities and on-demand scans such as virus detecting software while running Windows in Normal mode.  This makes it impossible to remove the infection regardless of which detection software you are running. This is especially true when there are multiple instances of the infection on the computer.

To eliminate the problem, we put your computer to sleep with a custom control proprietary system. A system that we designed over the last 5 years using our 30 years of experience. We have advanced our cutting edge technology to work on 20 systems at a time. That is why… in most cases we can provide 1 day service for our customers. (@ No Extra Charge) 

Do You Know The Signs Of Infection?

  • Can’t Access Internet
  • Computer Running Slow
  • Operating System Errors
  • Slow Start-up
  • Computer Fails To Boot
  • Constant Pop-ups
  • Getting Error Message
  • Missing Files
  • Networking Problems
  • Printer Won’t Work
  • Disk Drives Inaccessible
  • Sudden Low Disk Space

Remote Service

If you don’t live nearby that is not a problem.  We have our exclusive.” Remote Support System” that can offer the same technical asssistance for removing the infection.  Info call: (905) 357-4305

Disclaimer: Niagara Electronics has developed a state of the art proprietary system not offered any where else in the world for removing malware and repairing computers remotely. However, there are certain viruses that can encrypt your computer files preventing anyone from making repairs without the encryption code. Hackers will ask for you to pay a ransom to get access to your files.  The sophistication of such an infection is beyond the scope of repair because the encryption code is not available to undo the damage.

Niagara Electronics

Niagara Electronic began offering computing services back in 1985 and have been
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