Webcam Hacking - Are You Being Watched

Someone could be watching you through your webcam right now... just like they did with Miss Teen USA, Cassidy Wolf. Webcams are a fantastic addon to your computer or mobile device, however there are those out with a sick or criminal mind that will try and hack these devices for their own devious purposes.

Watch the video below:

To protect yourself there are some tips that we recommend.

Update your webcam software: by keeping your device software up to date you will help correct any vulnerabilities or bugs that the manufacturer has found or that have been reported to them. They often create downloadable patches to fix bugs or holes in there original coding.

Run malware scans regularly: Keeping your computer clean of malware is one of the best security steps you can take to protect your system. Do it regularly without fail.

Use a firewall: Using a system firewall and a secure wireless modem will help stop many hack attempts. This may not stop the more advanced hackers but will certainly eliminate the less sophisticated ones.

Keep the webcam covered or unplugged: When ever you are not using your webcam cover it up with something like a piece of tape or unplug it from your system. This will remove any chance of pictures being taken when you are most vulnerable such as in a bedroom.

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